Friday, June 26, 2009

Life is beautiful

Yesterday was a mile stone for me, I called my sweet daughter and even though she's busy with my 2 beautiful grandchildren she helped me set up my first blog, I have to say at first it was real easy and at this point my daughter was thinking no problem, but as all things in my life when it comes to the computer a few minutes turned into 88 minutes and 55 seconds,( I know this because my wonderful cell phone records the time) anyway she finally got me threw it and now he we are! You will see before and after of remodels. Homes I have drawn and designed from the ground up, interiors and exteriors, landscapes and last but not least silk florals and weddings!!!
I'm so grateful for my family and friends and for the wonderful clients that have to turned into life long friends!! This blog will be for the Design side of my life and I will start another dedicated to my Family.


  1. mom your so awesome! you did it!! i love you so much. thank you... 88 minutes really haha !

  2. Very Nice... those flowers are beautiful. I love the purple wedding!! Thanks for leaving comments on our blog. I am glad that with technology these days we have ways to stay connected or to re-connect with people we have lost touch with! I will look in on your blog from time to time :) I love to see the creative side of people!!

  3. This is so cool. I love the pictures. Your so... talented. When I save my "uncle pete" money you can come decorate my house. Have you seen the MV Sprague blog? I just posted a pic of Phil. We love you guys. Thanks for all the wonderful vegi's. Your garden is my other inspiration. I have cleared my space, now we just have to mulch and plant.